Directory /src/github.com/gonitro/nitro

Name Synopsis
app Package app encapsulates the client, server and other interfaces to provide a complete dapp
cache Package cache is a caching interface
memory Package memory is an in memory cache
client Package client is an interface for an RPC client
rpc Package rpc provides a network agnostic RPC client
codec Package codec is an interface for encoding messages
bytes Package bytes provides a bytes codec which does not encode or decode anything
json Package json provides a json codec
jsonrpc Package jsonrpc provides a json-rpc 1.0 codec
crypto Package crypto provides authentication and authorization capability
errors Package errors provides a way to return detailed information for an RPC request error.
event Package event is an interface used for asynchronous messaging
memory Package memory provides a memory event
logger Package log provides a log interface
metadata Package metadata is a way of defining message headers
network Package network is an interface for synchronous connection based communication
memory Package memory is an in-memory network
socket Package socket provides a net socket network
registry Package registry is an interface for service discovery
memory Package memory provides an in-memory registry
router Package router provides a network routing control plane
static Package static is a static router which returns the service name as the address + port
server Package server is an interface for a micro server
rpc Package rpc provides a network agnostic RPC server
db Package db is an interface for data storage
memory Package memory is a in-memory db.store
backoff Package backoff provides backoff functionality
pool Package pool is a connection pool
cache Package cache provides a registry cache
ring Package ring provides a simple ring buffer for storing local data
socket Package socket provides a pseudo socket